About Lindsey's Back Door Cakery

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A teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, the mother of three young children and the wife of a graphic designer, I discovered this talent late in the year of 2011. My taste for yummy baked goods has been refined with the help of a chronic sweet tooth! I've always had a knack for making cookies and pies, but it wasn't until my son's first birthday that I decided to try my hand at creating cakes.

Now that I have several cakes in my portfolio, I don't take the term "creating cakes" lightly. I've discovered that it takes a lot of creativity, imagination, and construction to make a fantastic cake! I have an amazing fuel-line of support to help me in my endeavors: my family and friends are always looking for ways to spread the word to help increase my business; my kids have become my official "taste testers"; and I have my very own "research and development team" at my fingertips...my husband! Without these people in my life, I would not have the courage to continue in my determination to move my talents in this direction. 

The name Back Door Cakery is a bit of a shout-out to a bakery that used to exist on the campus of Elizabethtown College, called the Back Door Bakery. As kids, we would rave about the goodies that came from that shop! In each of my favorite books and tv shows the closest friends of the main character follow the unspoken rule that they can come in through the back door at any time, for any reason. My hope is to create that feeling with my customers! My desire is to be a blessing to my customers so that the cakes I make can be a blessing to those for whom they've been created!  

I reside in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, so most of my business will likely be in the Lancaster-Hershey-Harrisburg area. Depending on the occasion and my availability, I am willing to deliver cakes within these areas. I typically need at least one week's notice to make any cake, but I prefer as much notice as possible so that I can get your order in the books. The more time we have, the more opportunity we have to design a very unique and personal creation! If you check out the "Flavors and Slices" portion of the site and don't see what you are looking for, please contact me with your ideas! Chances are, I'll be up for the challenge of creating something new!

Lindsey Binkle